Monday, June 11, 2012

Blog post #4

I found Ms. Tolisano's blog posts about podcasting to be interesting. For example, in her blog post We Podcasted Today! she wrote about her experience of podcasting with her second graders. She described that through podcasting her students practiced many skills! Some of these skills mentioned were collaboration, writing, speaking, technology, and oral fluency. She used this blog post as a reflective tool to note her observations of her students. For examploe, she noted that while participating in the activity, some student worked better with others than others. This would be an example of an observation that would encourage her to want to build collaborative skills among her students.

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In another post,Producing a podcast, Ms. Tolisano spoke about preparing, planning, and creating a podcast. She listed the instructions in seven parts; the first part being "decide what theme or purpose" and the last being "outro" where you would list the credits. Because I am unfamiliar with the terms of podcasting and the ins and outs of creating a podcast, I feel overwhelmed. I'm going to revisit this information tomorrow with a fresh perspective and when I have an opportunity to complete the practice in the computer lab.

Decided to stay up and finish this blog....
After watching Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale, I feel like I am slowly catching on to what podcasting is and is intended to be used for in a classroom setting. According to Joe in his outlined presentation on podcasting in the classroom, there are many benefits to podcasting in this setting. For example, because students in the classrooms now belong to the group called "Milenials" they require technology to keep them both active and engaged in learning. Using podcasts allows for "differentiated and project based learning." Podcasting is also beneficial in the classroom because, "It can offer distant learning for absent students. Finally by recording a podcast in the classroom, parents are able to hear what their kids are doing in the classroom.

I think after reading this information and listening to the presentation by Joe Dale that podcasts can be a very effective form of teaching this new generation of children. My favorite idea about podcasting is the use of this tool for reading aloud to students.

Now I'm really off to bed!


  1. You learn by doing. Now for your podcast!

  2. Brittany, I have been through this class before and I still am on the same page as you. I am hoping that we shall both be learning a great deal this time around. I was also a fan of Ms. Tolisano's classroom podcast. I would argue that each one really helps the kids develop their skills that are needed in the classroom. Great Post. Keep it up.