Friday, June 22, 2012

Project #3 C4T

Embedding a 1:1 Programme
After viewing my second teacher's blog post, Embedding a 1:1 Programme, I realize just how technologically illiterate I actually am. This teacher is writing about a program titled 1:1 which I am familiar about. But basically, it would appear that the Manaiakalani schools are becoming more and more technologically sound and children in years 5-13 (I guess that is the equivalent of a grade in England) are using netbooks as the basic learning tool for every child. To display the information, the teacher embedded a graphic to show the information of the years they have been using the program for the students and the number of years the teachers have used the program. In other words, some teachers are in their second year with students who are just starting out. This teacher notes, however, that it will be a harder adjustment to new hires in 2013 who will be in their first year of this program working with students who are on their third year of experience with this program.

This post portrays my concerns exactly. Teachers need to be trained and familiar with what they will be required to be using as their main teaching tool within their classroom before it can be used effectively. So this continual change to the latest and greatest technology will have to be accompanied with the greatest time and effort for each individual teacher. Paper, pens, textbooks are common language by the time a person begins their teaching career. Wiki spaces, twitter, iMovie, etc are not so common. First, teachers must learn a whole new language. Then, we can see the positive changes in the classroom.

Managing the Learning Environment
I realized after reading my teacher's blog post Managing the Learning Environment that this teacher and I seem to think very similarly. She is very organized in her thoughts and to the point in her writing. (I could use some tips on how to write concisely, however.) In this post she wrote about how the teachers at their school were trying to come up with a way to organize their learning environments in the digital world. She noted as the year progressed teachers minds began to converge as teachers were sharing ideas along with observations they were making within the classroom in an organized way that made it much easier in the environment she is in. She included links to four different videos. Each video is a different presentation; all presentations cover the different areas of instruction.

comic about commenting on blogsOne key word I noticed is the word share. The way I view this post: she is expressing in layman's terms the value of organizing in the digital world that is still in a way that makes sharing ideas possible at the click of a button.

I commented on the fact that her blog was organized and easily understood. Very simple--even for someone like me! I liked the way she included presentations to watch so that I could understand what kind of learning environment she was working with and talking about.

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