Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project #3 C4T#3

Picking Up Strangers
For my C4T this time around I will be following Sylvia's blog.
In her second to most recent post,Picking Up Strangers, Sylvia was telling a story about how her mother took the time and went out of her way to help a stranger in the airport. The stranger was a little girl from India who would have been stranded in the airport due to layovers had Sylvia's mother not taken her in to stay at a hotel room with her because she had been one of the only one's to receive a voucher to do so. The best part of the story was that Sylvia's mother then received an email thanking her for helping her daughter.
This post really captured my attention because it is nice to see a real life event that is "non-educational" being written about on an educator's blog. But in a sense, this post is very educational. As I explained to Sylvia in my comment, I appreciated the fact that her mother had not so immersed herself into the technological world that she was too "plugged in" to notice the little girl. I commented, "Because of this God was able to move her heart into helping that little girl. What an affirmation for her to receive that letter from the girl’s mother. I am a big believer in the every day miracles that take place. God tells us he loves us through the people we encounter and the situations we are placed in. Your mother’s “I love you” came from that mother of the girl she helped." This post made my day and taught me a lesson. I hope it did the same for you. Let us all be mindful as we advance as technological people that we don't forget to keep a balance and be on the lookout for God's "I love you"s!

iPads in Art

an art graphic
In her latest blog post,iPads in Art, Sylvia posted about how her co-worker Shana (the art teacher) incorporated technology into art through the use of the iPad to do self-portraits in a program called brushes. She shared a link to Shana's blog where she keeps posts on her progress in incorporating technology into art. She also pasted an exert from Shana's blog on her personal reflection from her first lesson on using the iPad in art.

I told Sylvia that I found it very interesting that the iPad could be used to teach an art lesson. I always thought of art as hands on mediums only, but as I read in Shana's blog post, apparently this subject can be technologically enhanced as well. I was curious as to how the lesson went so I appreciated the way that Sylvia shared Shana's personal reflection on her own blog.


  1. How does the story about the young girl. My mother told me over and over again Do not get in a car with a strange. And yet this girls went to a hotel room with Sylvia. How would you instruct your daughter to an invitation like this?

    You should share the link via Twitter with Dr. Vitulli (@paigevitulli and #edu301).

    1. Shared! I didn't look at it from that perspective actually. For one I wouldn't send Isabella by herself (especially not to a foreign country). But, I guess if she were old enough she would also be responsible enough to make a decision of whether a night in the airport or a night with an older woman she didn't know was appropriate. It's hard for me to think that way because I can't imagine Isabella by herself without me. She would have to contact me first and ask permission? I honestly don't know.

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