Thursday, June 7, 2012

Project #3 C4T

After reviewing Mr. Dean Shareski's blog post "Great Moments in EdTech History", I realize that I am not technologically literate. In his post, Mr. Shareski was reminiscing on the different forms of technology he used in the past two decades that led up to his ability to use technology proficiently today. Among the forms of technology mentioned, the digital camera, the blog, wiki, skype chat, and podcasting stood out in my mind because I am able to relate to them since I am familiar with them. However, FTP, RSS, and Live Streaming are new to me.

In my comment to Mr. Shareski, I explained that I was very ignorant when it came to leaving a comment on an individual's blog. It is a foreign concept for me to do what I would call "eavesdrop" in on a conversation and then add my two cents--what he would call "blogging." I also noted that considering I am an individual who is in my mid-twenties, I should technically know more when it comes to technology then him because of my age. However, I feel very ignorant when it comes to technology and almost ashamed to attempt to comment on it.

After reviewing Mr. Dean Shareski's blog post How to Make Better Teachers Part 2 I am reminded of the importance of self-reflection. Mr. Shareski attended a conference in which he connected with a woman named Heather who was sharing with him her perspective on the importance of self-reflection through recording yourself. Mr. Shareski shared this view and was reflecting in his post the value of taking the time to record yourself and how you can use that to grow as an educator.

In my response to Mr. Shareski I mentioned that I agree on the importance of self-reflection. I commented that I felt that if people would take the time to reflect on their words and actions that it would allow for positive personal growth. Likewise if educators took the time to record themselves teaching, they could learn and grow professionally by watching themselves from the perspective of their students.

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  1. You will have noted, I hope, the many similarities of Shareski and Strange. I hope you will join us. By the way, you have an RSS feed on your blog that indicates what is new on the Class Blog. And you will have to do a reflective video as the last blog assignment.