Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Post #12

Now that you have completed the survey for Dr. Strange, it's your turn to create your own survey! To complete this assignment, you must use Google form. It's purpose is to gather information in a way that is both economical and efficient. After you have created your survey, save it, email it to Dr. Strange, and embed it into a new blog post. It is up to you who you create your survey for. Pick a topic and an audience and let the surveying begin!

*Survey must be created using Google Form
*Survey must have at least 7 questions
*Survey must contain at least 3 different forms of responses (e.g multiple choice, text, check box)
*Survey must be emailed to Dr. Strange and embedded in a blog post that includes your explanation of the intended recipients and purpose of the survey.
*Survey must be free of spelling errors and presented in an organized fashion

cartoon of spokesperson saying survey saysHelp Getting Started
1. Sign into Google.
2. Click Documents Tab.
3. Click Create.
4. Click Form.
5. Create your survey.
6. Proofread survey.
7. Save it.
8. Click "Edit Confirmation" and change response that will be given to recipients of the survey upon completing the survey.
9. Click "embed" and copy code into a new blog post.
10. Click "email this form" and email it to (make sure "include form in the email" is checked.

This is my survey that I created to send to the parents of my students at the beginning of the year. It's purpose is to gather information in an organized fashion (most importantly, without paper!)that will help the school year go more smoothly.

********Special Note: Thank you Dr. Strange for the assistance creating a survey for my job as CCD director. The parents I sent the form to loved it, and it helped me make a decision more quickly than a phone call or basic email would. It was that survey that gave me the idea for this assignment.***********


  1. Well done. You will us Forms a lot I suspect.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your Blog Post! This lesson will be great to incorporate into any classroom atmosphere! I liked the fact that you incorporated a survey, great thinking!! I can tell you put a lot of thought into this lesson. The only advice I would have is to try and fix the space in between your survey and the end of this post. Other than that great job Brittany!!

  3. Thanks Hannah! I wish I knew how to get rid of that big space. It's an annoyance :)