Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project #13

our group using google+ hangout
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Our group has learned so much together throughout this semester. This evening we set a time to meet in a Google+ chat and hangout. I didn't realize when I accepted the invitation to join that I would be seeing and hearing as well as chatting. It took a bit getting used to. Once we got the hang of it we were able to copy and paste text into the chat feature, talk about what we were going to do for our project, as well as display our screen for our group members to see. It was very useful for setting plans of getting together tomorrow to work on our group project.

Prior to today we collaborated using SMS messaging, email, and Google Docs. For example, when we made arrangements for Project #15 we set up a time to meet to record our lesson through SMS messaging. Google Docs allowed me to create a SmartBoard lesson, take a picture of the lesson in SmartBoard, and share it via a Google Doc with my group members. We were then able to email and work out final details prior to meeting.

All of these features allowed us to collaborate effectively and efficiently so that we could get our group work done even without getting together in person. Before using this form of collaboration in my classroom (especially Google+ Hangout) I will allow an explore and play time for my students. As you can see in our group picture, we needed explore and play time as well. (The other members were also supposed to have their dress up clothes on, but alas, my mates left me hanging and I was the lone pirate.)

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