Sunday, July 15, 2012

Final Report on PLN

PLN wordle
Out of all the projects in this class, organizing my PLN is the one I have focused on the least. I think it is because I am not in the mindset of going back to teaching right now. I hope one day to return, but I'm not sure if God has something else in mind. So, here is the updated progress on my PLN. It really isn't much.

Web 2.0
I hated the blog assignment (it lasted forever) but I loved the site! Thank you Dr. Strange for introducing this to us.
Blogging Cartoons
I found this site while trying to find free images on the web.
At the Teacher's Desk
This is a collection of blogs from teachers who are collaborating and sharing their experiences of using technology in the classroom

Angela Maiers
I loved how she addressed the concept of the sandbox as it relates to learning technology
John T. Spencer
I really liked the way this guy wrote on his blogs. Very creative and I'm sure i can tweet him about some ideas I can use for blogging for a creative writing assignment.

I have a learned a lot in this class. The number 1 thing that I have learned over the course of this class is that there is a lot of information to learn that is ever-changing and in order to survive in the world of teaching and do my job well, I must become a life-long learner.

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