Saturday, July 21, 2012

Final Reflection

What a nightmare. I filmed myself yesterday using my video camera. Unfortunately my video was 15 minutes long. Who knew that I could talk that long. So after trying to edit it down in a movie player I decided to re-film myself, this time getting it down to ten. What I didn't realize that the video I was about to take would take a couple hours uploading to YouTube. Apparently uploading a video off of a video camera using internet at home takes a lot longer than uploading a video in the computer lab from a webcam or iPad. So what did I learn? Don't wait until the day that an assignment is due to complete it--especially you're final reflection. Also, don't use tools you have never used before to complete an assignment because you are entering into unknown territory. You might find yourself up to two in the morning stranded with a locked up computer watching the time time left for upload steadily increasing instead of decreasing, and having to go to bed not knowing if the uploading will ever finish.


  1. Aww thanks Lindsay! Did you read the part about my nightmare...yeah. Too bad it really happened. I told my mom this morning all about it. When I finished, she asked "So was this a nightmare or did this really happen?" I love my mom. Thanks for all your help this semester. Don't forget I have your flash drive so text me and I'll get it to you Monday? Or you can swing by after your exam if you want. Just let me know.

  2. Upside down. Wonderful! That's what we hoped for! Carry that flash drive everywhere. Even to Europe. But don't close the tray! Lindsay must not know about your history with flash drives since she lent you hers! We all have a lot to learn! And that will be just as true next year. Yes.. ask for help. That's why the lab assistants are there! You and your group did a great job on your iBook. Well done! It was a delight to have you back in EDM310.