Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

I have to start by saying that my groupies-Lacie Brothers,Lindsay Parvin, and Shaniqua Washington are all awesome. Everyone in our group is so different and we all contribute in a way that is unique to our personalities. Lindsay is very conscientious. She gets her work done ahead of time...the anti-procrastinator. Lacie is really laid back and is very easy to work with. She pretty much just goes along with the ride and makes getting things done cooperatively very easy. You ask her to show up and she's there. Shaniqua has taken the class before and has knowledge that I don't have when working with the Mac. She seems to like to learn to do things and goes along with ideas while contributing her own. So, as you can see I got lucky to be working with these future professionals. We get along great!

As for our progress on our Final Project #16, it is coming along nicely.
We are doing a "What to expect when taking EDM 310" theme. All four of us will have made it up to the lab by the end of today to insert our personal items into the ibook. On Thursday we have arranged to meet at 11 to film our new videos and get the material in the book. Once that is done we will have the little details to work out and our final project will be complete.

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  1. How sweet! Thank you. I previewed yesterday on my iPad. I can't wait for y'all to see it! I am already proud. This will be a true accomplishment for everyone in our class that completes this project.